Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

code downhill domination

Downhill Domination Cheat Codes

Cheat Mode

Press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right, Square followed by one of the following codes during game play:

Right, Triangle(2), Left2000 pounds instantly
Down, Left(2), RightAdrenaline Boost
Down, Square(2), Left, CircleAlways Stoked
Down, Triangle, Square(2), UpAnti-Gravity
Left, Square, Circle, Square, LeftCombat Free
Up, Down, Left(2), RightCombat Upgrade
Down, Right(2), Left(2)Energy Restore
Left, Right, Down(2)Extra Smack Time
Up, X, Left(2), Circle(2)Infinite Water Bottles
Right, Up(2), Right(2), SquareMega Flip
Right, Up(2), Circle(2), SquareMore Cash
Down, Triangle, Right(2), SquareSpeed Freak
Down, Left(2), Right(2)Stoke Trick Meter
Left, Square, X, Up, TriangleSuper Bounce
Up, X, Left, Square, UpSuper Bunny Hop
Down, Triangle, Left(2), SquareUnlimited Energy
Up, Down, Left(2), Right(2)Upgrade To Bottle

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